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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

  Happy 7th birthday, Jacob Thomas! 
   We waited and prayed and waited and prayed for the Lord to bless our family with another baby and we asked specifically for another son because we wanted our first born son to know and love the bond of a loving, adoring little brother. Of course, we knew that getting another daughter would have been lovely as well, but my husband didn't have any brothers and he really wanted that for his son.

  After waiting 3 years to get pregnant again we were indeed blessed with another boy! What a gift he is to our family. He's witty, snuggly, oh so loving, smart, helpful, honest and just a joy to have in our family.

You can see why we're calling him 'jake-o-lantern' right now. One stubborn front tooth left!

2 years old.

Big brother, Joe, meets his little brother for the first time and give him a 'snake'. LOL.

They both have March birthdays, so they celebrate together. 
He's loves being a catcher just like his big brother. God has blessed him with great baseball skills and it doesn't hurt that his daddy and big brother are his personal coaches. ; ) He's playing travel baseball this year with the 8 year olds. 

He adores his little sister and she adores him even more!

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