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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

And we have another TEENAGER in the HOUSE!

Happy 13th birthday, Joe! 

We couldn't have imagined a better firstborn son. You have truly been so easy and fun to parent thus far. It is a priviledge to watch you grow into an amazing young man who is kind, compassionate, faithful, hard working, passionate, witty, helpful, trustworthy, and overall a joy to parent.

We'll never forget the day you were born and we became parents for a second time, but now for a baby boy! I remember feeling so thankful God had given us a healthy baby boy. From day one you've been 'all boy'.

God has blessed you with amazing gifts and talents, son. Never take that for granted and never let it go to your head. All is a gift! We look forward to seeing where you will go in life and how you will use these gifts. 

From little guy...with your best friend... young man!

We love you, son! Keep striving to know His will and grow in holiness while you live life to the fullest! 

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