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Sunday, March 20, 2016

366 Photo Project (week 9)

  Spring has arrived!! Today!! With springs arrival comes the busier schedule. We love the 8 weeks during spring when the kids are busy with sports and practices and other activities, but at the same time when it's over at the end of May we enjoy getting our 'less busy on'. ; ) Through the years we have learned to see how life with a big family ebbs and flows in all areas.  We just have to learn to navigate our way through the different seasons with peace and grace and always seeking wisdom and advice in order to truly discern God's will in every moment. He is always teaching us so so much.

  We wouldn't trade this life of ours for anything! God is so good! Enjoy the pictures!
Day 61/366 Golf lessons

62/366 Winter buried a golf ball. Spring brings it up!

63/366 #3 gets her acceptance letter into Jr. High School

64/366 Nothing wrong with a little Praise and Worship led by #3 on the front steps. ; )

65/366 Time to plant seeds! 

66/366 #2 is a teenager now! He asked for biscuits and gravy for his bday dinner! Such a DeWolf guy thing. 

67/366 A lovely visit from our friends the TOR sisters. 

68/366 #3 performs beautifully in her piano recital. She's a natural musician. She doesn't even have to work real just comes so easily. Blessed by her music in our house. 

69/366 Signs of springs arrival! Yay!!!

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