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Monday, February 29, 2016

366 Photo Project (weeks 7-8)

  Hello, faithful followers! I got a little behind, so I'm posting 2 weeks of iPhoto's today when I have some time to myself. Enjoy! And thanks for stopping by!

46/366 A typical visit to the orthodontist. 3 in braces now! Video games while we wait.

47/366 Silly snow day. Let's go to the movies! 

48/366 Cartoons are better TOGETHER.

49/366 Laundry room WATER problem.

50/366 The clean up and a night we had company coming to dinner and to stay the night! Good thing they're good friends and 'get it'. 

51/366 The repair. Long story, but it's all fixed now! Thanks to my MIL we didn't skip a beat in the laundry department! 

52/366 Our youngest is beyond ready to play soccer on her own team this spring. She really looks up to her very talented older sister! 

53/366 Family meeting night. Joe was in charge of the meeting plan. It was so  much fun! Taste testing is one of our kids favorite games. Grandma D introduced them to the idea years ago. 

54/366 For us it's most practical to take all 6 to the dentist on the same day. No cavities for any of them! See you in 6 months!

55/366 #4 did an amazing job in her state project! She chose Texas because well, it just appealed to her ; ) She did all of this on her own! I only helped pull what she needed from the internet.

56/366 Grandpa S taught me how to make a mean shake. To this day it's one of the kids favorite treats! Thanks for making me look good, Grandpa S! 

57/366 Storms are coming.

58/366 The view from our room for the weekend! Grateful we could use a 'business trip' and add on some time for 'just us'. So needed, especially in winter...before spring sports schedules get started!

59/366 Toes in the glorious white sand. This beach has the best sand we've found so far. 

60/366 Before heading home we went on a lunch boat ride with friends. And the captain helped us track down some dolphins!! This was the first time either of us had seen dolphins in their natural surroundings up so close! 

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