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Friday, January 29, 2016

'Snowzilla' 2016- How we rolled with it!

Nothing could have prepared us for this snow storm. I mean we were more than prepared with food and emergency 'stuff', but it wasn't until we woke up Saturday morning and we saw how much snow had already accumulated and that we were in for at least 14 hours more!? What? 

Well, now we're on the 'other side' of the storm. There's still a lot of snow around, but we're able to come and go anywhere with ease. We were housebound for 3+ days. By the end, we were stir crazy, so we went out to dinner for our 'first outing out'. 

We made a lot of memories during Snowzilla 2016.  Hot chocolate, comfort food, warm fires, games, crafts, more games, movies, snuggles, reading, Playstation...and the occasional tiff that needed parental guidance...all of it worth and and I caught some pictures too. 

The sight I saw out our front window when I woke up Saturday morning. 

The boys' first time out to shovel was about 10am. At that point we had about 4 inches already.

Snow on the steps down to the patio. We're going to use this as our sledding hill once it's covered completely.

Thank goodness for our pianist. Hearing her music while we were stuck in the house helped liven our spirits. 

Being house bound and out of school meant two big projects got done early! One completed High school Science Fair project-check. One 4th grade State of Texas project board and presentation prepared- check.

Thank goodness for BOTH my master shovelers! The side walk stayed cleared the whole storm!

When the girls went out for the first time they could hardly walk anywhere because the snow was so deep. It was at least a foot right here and this was before lunch on Saturday. 

Shoveling snow isn't for the wimps...and no one said it was a beauty contest either! Ha! 

#6 had to stand on the window ledge to be able to see over the snow piled up on the window because the winds were so strong there was snow in every crack of the house (windows, door frames, etc.).

Our new game! So fun! 

This is just half the snow play time. 

Play doh came out for some entertainment. 

Homemade pizzas to keep tummies feed.

Making their way to the snow covered play set. The swings were only a couple inches away from the top of the snow. This was Sunday. Sunny and not windy, so the perfect day to actually play in the 2 1/2' of snow. 

#6 getting ready to blast down the sledding hill. She's waving. ; )

We got some new coloring pages that are geometric designs, so all of us took the challenge on and spent some time coloring together. Getting our 'craft on'.

A beautiful morning after the snow. 

3 snow bunnies ready to head out again. 
  Thank you all for your prayers. We were most thankful that our heat stayed on through this storm and that we were able to have so much fun in the midst of the difficulties.

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