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Sunday, January 31, 2016

366 Photo Project (week 4)

  My photos from this week for the 366 photo challenge. Notice I've changed it to 366. Yep, I forgot this is a Leap Year! Enjoy! Oh, and don't forget I'm learning how to take better pictures, so feel free to critique if you'd like. I never turn my ear to advice! I know some of my readers are photographers at heart! I'm still learning. 

24/366 "Thank you God!!!"

25/366 Breakfast shake. Morning routine.

26/366 He worked so many hours with us. Shoveling is hard work. This kid knows how to work hard! Rest from time to time.


28/366 Beautiful sunrise after the cloudy snowy days.

29/366 While working hard to shovel our big van out of our second garage we need some FROZEN Lemonade. So yummy!

30/365 A new 'stage'...avoiding the camera. #4 uses our guitar to hide.

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