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Monday, August 03, 2015

July is 'in the books' too!?

  Our summer has been so lovely! I hate to see it go, but I'm a realist...all good things must come to an end.  Fall is my favorite season and I love change, but for some reason it will be extra hard to let this summer go. We've had so much fun with camps, friends, lots of good home time, hard work, books, field trips, birthday parties and more.  This fall will bring lots of big changes. I'll have 3 kids in 2 different schools and 3 kids that I'll be homeschooling. That alone is a big change from last year, but one we are all embracing. We are also eager to see how it all goes.

   July is over now, but not without us 'looking back' at some of the memories we've made. Walk down memory lane with us.

My favorite drink this summer has been the Passion Fruit ice tea! No sugar! Yummy! 

I 'think' someone needs some new socks!? 

Watching the fireworks from our driveway. We've made this one of our 4th of July traditions! 

God bless America!

I painted all 4 girls' nails! We're ready for our celebration

Treat night!!!

#4 has new reading glasses for school!!!

THIS was the summer of new teaching moments on working hard, signing family contracts and teaching the kids how to earn and manage their own money.  #2 is now able to mow the lawn.  I'm glad he doesn't fit the mower yet. I'm enjoying the fact that he doesn't 'fit' it. 

Scores night is always fun with this gang!

The littles were looking for some fun one day and remembered someone gave them water balloons. So, we had a family water balloon fight. Daddy, got really into it, of course!

Popsicles just SAY summer!

The kids have enjoyed catching fireflies. Their everywhere and remind me of my childhood.

Both littles learned to go all the way under water this summer. #5 is very water shy...I was especially proud of him! 

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