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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

June IS 'in the books'!

  I CANNOT believe June is over! Here I am monitoring #6's shower (she's getting so big) and all day we were recovering from a super duper totally summery weekend AND it's JULY! Mind blowing!

  We hosted TWO parties this weekend! We had so much fun and feel so blessed to have some really awesome friends and family members! One of our favorite things about our house 'in the country' (or faux country, lol) is that it's the perfect place to host parties. Really, the layout and the yard and the room for activities lends itself to partying and makes any party pretty darn easy.

  We celebrated our own 4th of July on Friday night. Our tradition has been to watch the fireworks from our own driveway because well, they're that good, so why leave home.  Saturday we had some of our family members over for an evening of food and MANY games (a record was probably set for how many different games we played) and we ended the night watching the National firework show on TV together. Last night we had #4's soccer team over. All the families watched the World Cup together. Can you believe the US Women's team!? Wow! Since the start of the tournament we watched EVERY US game. We really enjoyed cheering them on along their journey to the Championship.  More and more we are becoming a full fledge soccer family!

  Here's a little recap of June (for those of you who enjoy our updates and pictures).

The start of our garden! Can't wait to taste everything!
We've had mild temps, so we've had lots of time outside! 

All the bigs were busy, so I had a great excuse to take the littles to ice cream!

First picnic post school year!
Had to get this shot because she's a cutie and the sky was so blue!

He's my first and only 'nervous in the water kid', but he does pretty well. At least he gets in to play! 

Trying to get a cool 'water droplets' picture. 

#6 and one of her best friends! 
#3 and one of her best friends! 
Celebrating their birthdays together...rock climbing with all their friends! See the picture on the cake? Yep, these two have known each other for a long time. They're inseparable! 

The whole gang! These girls have been at AHG together for a while. They just love each other so much! Look at all those smiles! 

Last day of baseball and a ball and trophy for a great season! Be still my heart! 

Parish picnic fun! #6 is getting her face painted by her god sister! 

#2 couldn't resist getting into the pool with his buddies at the picnic.

#3 and one of her friends winning the three legged race. #3 will be going to school with this little friend this year!

Celebrating the gift THIS MAN is to all of us! Happy Birthday!!

We got away for 24 hours to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary! 

First summer field trip! The air and space museum was perfect on this super hot day! 

#1 and I went away for a weekend of growing up talks and just FUN! She had a makeup lesson too! Heading into high school this fall! Look out! 
#4 was in a 3 v. 3 tournament with her favorite soccer friends! 

We went to TN together for the Mastermind meeting with the couples (this time). Here he is on the ropes course. He did amazing! I made it part of the way, but then just wanted to get my feet back on solid ground. ; )

 Now, to get July going into the books! Hope you're all enjoying your summer so far!

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