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Thursday, June 25, 2015

2015 Book-a-month Goal

  For the last several years DH and I have been blocking off time to sit down at the start of the new year to plan out the year. We discuss family trips (business and fun travel), budget, education and activities for the kids, etc. Basically, we evaluate EVERYTHING having to do with faith, family and fun!

  We also allow time for personal goal setting. I wanted to share with you one of my goals for 2015 because I am so HAPPY I've made this an actual goal. Its been a fun one and the idea might be helpful to some of my readers.

  I've always been a book reader, but never as avidly as my oldest child (plus some newly budding  readers in the family). I suppose as we all grow our reading (really the time we have to do it) ebbs and flows with life. In addition to that WHAT we read surely changes. I find myself drawn to spiritual reading and 'mom type' books. And I have a pile...oh, let me tell you about my pile of books I want to read!

  This year I decided to do something a little different.  Instead of getting to a book a little at a time and taking a VERY long time to actually finish it and in some cases just skimming it. I decided I wanted to take a month to focus on one book (from my 'other books' pile- not my spiritual reading pile) at a time. Chew on it and soak in it, but have the goal to finish it in a months time and if there happens to be 'extra time' in that month...maybe conquer two books or even more!

  I'm terrible at sitting down to read during certain times of day. That often means NAP for mommy! So, I've been listening to books through audible. I'm now finishing books faster and my time in the car feels productive too. Some of these books I've listened to, but the first two on the list I read (the January book we read as a couple). It doesn't matter which way you get books read...just keep reading and don't let your mind...remain unchanged or 'sleepy'.

My book list for 2015:
January- The Seven Levels of Intimacy
  This book almost literally jumped out at me before our trip. It is very well written and full of good tips for going deeper in conversations with your spouse. We are STILL unpacking all of the good stuff and using it to help us grow closer.

February- Leadership and Self-Deception
  My husband recommended I read this book after he and some of his co-workers read it. All of them raved about what they learned. I was excited to read something my husband enjoyed because even though I wouldn't have chosen this book for myself...I know reading something he has learned a thing or two from will give us something new to share and talk about together and also give me better insight into what he is learning and how he is growing through his vocation as husband/father/entrepreneur.

March- Love and Respect
  Again, a book that we still continue to reference and 'turn to' even months after completing it together. A friend had this book on his 'must read' list and man, oh, man was he right.

April-The New Strong Willed Child
  Why it has taken me this long to fully read (actually listen to) this book I DO NOT KNOW. Understanding our strong willed children will help us parent them the way they need. Although we know we won't parent any of our children perfectly because of our own sinful nature...we know we will try and we AREN'T too prideful or ashamed to ask for HELP! They didn't come with instruction manuals and so many have gone before us...we seek wisdom and advice in this adventure we call LIFE!

May-Made to Crave
  Much like our January book this book has taught me so much this year. I am STILL going through it and taking it all in (because I listened to it through Audible my first time).

June- The Five Love Languages of Children
  Thus far I've only skimmed this book. Now, I'm listening to it cover to cover. I hated knowing I hadn't read it word for word. I was afraid I may miss something. I love learning how to better love each of my kids in their own 'needed ways'. be continued.

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