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Friday, May 22, 2015

Happy 11th birthday to our happiest of girls!

Happy Birthday, #3!!!
You are a delight to our family! Always full of joy and love for are the starter of many of our adventures. You are so very creative and fun which is part of what makes you a great friend. You cherish your friendships and have chosen really wonderful ones.
 You have your own wonderful talent which is playing the piano. Your teachers have all been impressed with how much you practice and how quickly you're progressing. We love hearing you play and we especially enjoy the way the piano gives YOU your THING that brings you success and joy! 
You are our deep thinker and question asker which makes these years of growing up super fun and keeps us on our toes. We notice your spiritual life growing on it's own in the little things you're dealing with in life. God has great plans for you, #3. We are so glad we're on this journey with you and we can't wait to see what He has in store for you! 

You find the fun in everything and encourage us all to step outside our comfort zone a bit! 

Your siblings are your best friends and you are so good at having fun and making memories with them!

This isn't a great shot but it captures you 'lead the pack' oftentimes and the rest of us can't wait to catch up to you to see what you're up too and join you in the fun you always seem to be having.

You are cautious, but always ready to face a challenge and push through the tough times. We appreciate it when you use your strong will to do GREAT things!

You love nature and notice God's beauty all around us! You want to be in the midst of it all- never missing a thing. 

When we're with you you make us smile about the simple things in life.

You teach us how to love like Christ every day. God gave you a BIG heart and love for others that is tangible!

You love animals and are thinking maybe when you get older your job will be taking care of animals in some way. 

Two of your favorite with siblings and TREATS! 

You are an American Heritage Girl. You are a faithful member of our troop at church and you cherish the time spent with your best friends who are in the troop as well.

We are so thankful God placed you into our family! We would have missed learning the greatest virtues if you weren't in our life!

Happiest of birthday's to you, sweet girl! Keep smiling! Keep loving unconditionally! And keep using your amazing gifts to serve God and cherish the life He has blessed you with!

We LOVE you so, so, so much!

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