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Monday, March 02, 2015

Happy 12th birthday, Buddy!

  When we found out we were expecting #2 we decided to keep the gender a surprise, but we both 'sorta knew' we were having a boy. Or maybe it was mainly that we were hoping we were. Anyway, at 36 weeks the midwife we hadn't seen in several months came into to visit with us and said 'so, I see you're having a boy!' Poor thing, she felt so bad that she had forgotten we were hoping to be surprised. Honestly, that moment didn't 'ruin' anything. She could tell by the looks on our faces, I'm sure, that she had made a mistake in telling us, but at the same time that we were elated to find out that what we 'thought' and hoped...was actually TRUE!

  We went from that appointment and called everyone to tell them the news!

  We had originally picked out the name Stephen Thomas for our first born son, but then when we realized his initials would be STD...we just couldn't do that to him. THEN as we neared the due date and I was contracting a ton...long story short...I ended up being induced with him because my body was so worn out from all the contracting the doc thought I'd have a really tough time getting him out naturally so in order to avoid a possible c-section they put me on petocin to help my body progress like it should. Because I was being induced we got to choose the date of his birth which was fun because we were coming up on  his godfather's birthday. We chose that day- today! So he not only shares this special day with a very special man, but we made his middle name his godfather's first name to show how much we love and appreciate HIM! (Love you, Uncle Nate!)

  You love to serve Our Lord at mass and hate missing a Sunday of being an altar boy. Of course, we aren't going to stand in Our Lords way- He's working on you daily, so we help you serve every chance you can get. Already this Lent I have seen you growing in your personal relationship with Christ as you've chosen something VERY hard to give up and you've done soooo well. You've also been spending time in our prayer room. I can't wait to see what Our Lord has in store for your vocation. His will, not ours, be done! 

  #2 you walk into a room and immediately have friends. You are such a fun kid! You keep us all laughing with your quick wit; and your random silly faces and 'lines' are just hilarious.

You are an athlete! Not only have you excelled for many years in baseball, but you can play any sport with anyone and enjoy it! You love competing with anyone in anything: academics, board games, hot dog eating contests, you name it!

You are an excellent student and we've seen that this year as you've grown more independent in your studies and have taken most of your classes away from home. You have all A's in your classes and all of your teachers have given you many positive comments and love having you in their classroom. We couldn't be more proud of the self control you've shown in the classroom and of the determination you have to work hard in all areas of your life. 
6th grade year has been a year of growing up. Next year he hopes to attend the private school his big sisters attends. Some of his best buddies are going too. So exciting!
Getting some reading done in a cozy spot.

   You are compassionate and loving toward your younger siblings. You have an extra special bond with your little brother. When you were 5 years old you prayed every single night that the new baby would be a boy. When we found out it was in fact a were so elated and I think started making plans in your head for all the fun you'd have with him when he got older. The two of you have something truly special and unique. I am so thankful to God that you got the little brother you prayed so hard for and that you two will have each other and many memories- for life! 
I love this picture because I caught it when they weren't expecting it- even though he looked at the last minute. 
Helping your little brother get away his grumps!

You are adventurous and no doubt all boy! We've said that since you were born. You had a baby face that said BOY all over it. And you've always sought out extra dirty adventures including catching fish  and crawdads by hand, skipping rocks, shooting air soft guns, climbing trees and rocks, and always looking for a new adventure in our own back yard. 

#2 you have been a such a joy to have in our family. You have always been even tempered and honest and obedient. We know you will do great things with the blessings you have been given and with the strong character qualities that are natural to you.

Today we honor our first born son! Happy birthday, Buddy! 

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