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Thursday, February 05, 2015

{pretty, happy, funny, real} 15th Anniversary edition

  My amazing husband gave us a trip to St. Lucia for our 15th anniversary (actually on June 17, but what fun is a tropical island in June? It's much better to escape our VA winter and head there!) CELEBRATION!
  We had a truly blessed weekend full of laughs, 'livelikePaul' moments, (the theme from our adventurous life loving friend who passed away recently and has taught us so much) a whole book read together and great topics discussed with resolutions made and new challenges begun, fabulous food, glorious sunrises and sunsets, and so much to be thankful for especially in THIS marriage of OURS.

  And to all our friends who have asked for us to 'tell all' like where we went, etc...YOU TOO can save up like we did and have an amazing experience with the love of your life.  Send me a personal email if you want more details.

  Here is this weeks post united with LMLD

    This was just one of the sunsets we experienced together while on The Island. I can't even begin to describe how many times we just stopped to take in the beauty of Our Lord through the amazing views, breezes, waves in the sea...Oh it was just breath taking and we kept pausing to say 'is this for real?' One thing is certain we both felt this trip alone was a true gift- a blessing from above.

   Oh, so happy to be married to THIS man! What a treasure he is. Our story is OURS, and Our Lord has brought us together. No one can take THAT away!
 We spent our first night at a different hotel then we did the rest of the time. They knew it was our anniversary so for dinner that night our waitress set up a spectacular table for us away from the rest of the restaurant and with flowers and drinks and candles. It was one of the most romantic dinners we've ever had together.
15 years a growing closer each day! Through our ups and downs I'd say we've learned a lot, but I'd say through our book and our talks this weekend we've learned more than we ever have about how to make our marriage stronger and how to work on falling more in love each day, month and year for the rest of our life together. 

  Just a little 'Twister action' the night before we left for our get away. I love that my kids, big and small, enjoy playing games of all types with each other. Twister really gets them laughing...and me too. 

  I look at this picture of this gorgeous yellow flower against the teal tile of the pool IN our room on the island and I just can't even believe it's real.  

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