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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentines Day!

Loving you across the miles!

  I have to say as hard as it is to not be anywhere near DH today, Valentines Day, it's a good kinda 'miss him' and welcoming him home later tonight will be sooo good! Can't wait to have you back, Love.

  You've heard the saying 'absence makes the heart grow fonder', right? It's true indeed. We've are living that saying because DH has been traveling a lot lately. Honestly, I don't like the traveling one bit, but I do find myself dealing with it better and better each time. I've prayed about it and have come to accept that it's just where life is at right now. And I've come to understand too that THIS is not how life will be always and forever. The traveling he's had to do throughout his career has come and gone.  And I'm very proud of the fact that most of the time when he travels the time is fruitful in one area of life or another. That's another post for another day.

  Every person in this world has sacrifices to make in order to grow in holiness and virtue. Hopefully our sacrifices aren't something we 'shout from the rooftops'. But it is important for us all to understand that just because we 'perceive' something and we might begin to assume 'something'...we all have made choices and we will all be asked to sacrifice in various ways throughout our life.

  Take it to prayer. What ways do you and your family make sacrifices in order to become closer to Christ and in order to accomplish the goals you have set out for yourself, your marriage and your family?

  DH, of course, we miss you! Of course, it's not our preference to have you gone, but we are so thankful for you and for all that you do for us and we are especially proud of the ways you've chosen to be the hands and feet of all of us and serve Christ in the many ways you do.  We love the way you lead others to Christ and the ministries you're working hard to 'give back' to. You are truly and example to myself and the children. You are so faithful in serving our family and others for God.

We love you! Happy Valentines Day, to the love of my life!

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