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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Happy Birthday to our WINTER baby!

    Happy 9th Birthday, precious daughter! 

    9 years ago today God gifted us with a sweet and beautiful gift. She entered the world in her own unique way-not like any of her siblings (via c-section) and since that moment her life has been such a gift to everyone who gets to know her.

   #4 is a bit timid at the start, but once she gets to know someone she makes friends fast and is the most loyal little girl I've ever known. In fact she has been seen sticking up for her soccer friends on several occasions. She is an athlete all around, but right now she is 'in love' with all things soccer. Her best friends are her teammates and she LOVES every practice or game or social opportunity to be with them.

   She has always been our 'smarty pants' with 3 older siblings and a 3 year gap between her and her younger siblings...she has always used her focus and determination to 'rise up' and work hard to be on the same academic level as her older siblings. We see her spirit of competitiveness helping her a lot in life. Since I am currently homeschooling her I find myself challenged to keep her learning, but also let her be her age. We're praying about this still, but we're pretty sure we'll be putting her into a private school next year. We believe she'll excel better without mom as teacher and that a teacher and peers would be really good for her.

   Our girl has a heart of gold. Often she asks if she can go to confession with me because in her heart and soul she is able to feel that disconnect between her and God.

  She is may be a bit quieter when it comes to sharing her feelings, but if you 'push her buttons' accidentally or get her riled out! She's a 'tough cookie'!

  She loves horses the most, but she loves all animals. Her favorite activities are: riding bikes, being outside, reading books that are about topics that interest her (animals, soccer, etc.), playing with her sisters, eating ice cream, sleeping in!

   #4 you are a gift to our family. We cannot imagine life without you. You have taught us so much in your short 9 years.

  Wow! You're 9 already!?

  We love you!!!

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