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Friday, February 20, 2015

7 Quick Takes

   I'm feeling REALLY thankful today, so the theme of this post is simply...7 things I'm thankful for from this past week.  These are not in any particular order.
   Doing a post of gratitude from time to time helps me re-focus my thoughts and prayers. Especially when life can be such a roller coaster ride and is often so's a good idea for me to sit down and just pour out my gratitude to Jesus. One thing my parents taught me early on and throughout my growing up was how important those words 'thank you' are and how important it is to say them. Now, as an adult, having gone through much conversion of heart and growing up I feel even more thankful than ever and I try really hard to teach my children to reflect on all the blessings in their life and to make sure and say those words OFTEN just like I did as a kid and just like I try to do as an adult.  Being thankful around Thanksgiving time each year is natural and just 'goes with the season', but I feel true gratitude goes beyond that 'time of year' and reaches all aspects of our life. So, dig deep and make sure to at least tell Our Lord thank you for all your blessings and at the same time...when you need to... SAY THOSE WORDS!
  I'm thankful that my oldest is more than capable in the kitchen and that she is not only helpful and willing to help, but she also enjoys 'taking over' for me and can make anything. At least once a week she makes our evening meal for us. THIS is a huge help.
She LOVES eating tomatoes...RAW and WHOLE! I use to HATE tomatoes as a kid, so I find this reality a bit strange. 

  I'm STILL so thankful for our trip to St. Lucia. My good friends have asked all about it and its been so fun to share about our time away. I'm thankful for the blessing it was on our marriage and for the fruits that we continue to experience from our time alone. I'm thankful that we can 'go back' to that place in our minds and that when we's a lot of fun. Even in the dead of winter...we have those memories together in the sun and reminiscing is a good thing!
A simple sunset was a gift. 

  I'm thankful this week for a special laugh that came from God. DH helped me see the humor in the way God answered a prayer for us. We were craving time alone. We've been so busy with the children since our return home. Rightly so we were both giving much of our time to them. At the same time we both really wanted to reconnect like we had on our trip. And God made that happen this week at a time we both didn't expect, but it was so obvious God worked it that it actually made us laugh. I'm thankful for the Grace to now God's work in this specific moment.
One of my favorite pictures. This huge bloom grew on the most boring tree ever. Yellow, my favorite color and the beauty that comes from this boring tree...makes me think in a spiritual way. 

  I was supposed to be away this weekend with #4. Our American Heritage Girls unit was supposed to go cabin camping. Both she and I were looking forward to our adventure, but bad weather is coming so our troop decided we should reschedule our event. We were both initially bummed about it, but the weekend plans have worked themselves out and we'll have a great weekend nonetheless. And we'll go cabin camping another, more safe time. I'm looking at this change of plans as a gift because DH is traveling next week and well, we need this weekend as a family. It'll be good for us!

  I'm thankful for a talk with my mom this week. She is such an inspiration to me and her wisdom is often just what I need when I'm asking God a lot of questions are going through something challenging in my life. She is a spiritual director for others and asking her to spiritually direct me is well, unnecessary because I just 'get it' anyway. Which I like. Being her daughter is a gift. I have learned so much from her. Her wisdom, knowledge and understanding are priceless.
  Mom, I know you read my blog. Know that you are loved and appreciated. And THANK YOU for being my mom.

  I'm thankful for snow! It slows us down for a day or two. All activities get canceled and we do a lot of playing and snuggling and that's ALL GOOD!
We were rolling on the floor in laughter while playing Quelf as a family. This game asks you to do the silliest challenges in order to get points for yourself. The first one to score 5 points is the winner. #2 had to walk 20 feet with this book balanced on his head. 

  I'm thankful for sleep. I value it more and more as I grow older. This week a couple of the kids had colds that didn't allow them to sleep as soundly as they usually do, so I was up a bit during the night. Boy, oh, boy did it bring back the days when infants and toddlers ruled this house and 'THIS MOMMA' had a lot of nights when she was up and about. Some nights it felt a bit like a circus getting up and then back into bed multiple times. Sigh. Good nights of sleep are so good and so appreciated!

Have a great weekend everyone! Stay warm and hold your loved ones tight!

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