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Friday, February 06, 2015

7 Quick Takes

  My thoughts and other random 'stuff' is what my post is about today.

  My heart is moved when I see the help that's being given to sweet Ann and her kids after the passing of her beloved, Paul.  So many have rallied around her to love and support her. And THIS is what it means to be Christ's hands and feet and to support each other as faithful Catholics striving for holiness and walking this path to Heaven together. What a beautiful testimony. Please, if you haven't had a chance, go over and visit this website and if you give anything to help them PLEASE do. Put yourself in Ann's shoes. Would you hope that you'd be supported like this if you lost your spouse suddenly?

Live Like Paul
  Thank you, DH, for allowing me the opportunity to attend our annual homeschool moms retreat this weekend even after we've been away for 5 days. I am so thankful to get to spend some quality time with the women who were the first to inspire me and coach me through beginning our family on the path of homeschooling so many years ago.  The past 10 years of educating our children in our home have been blessed beyond measure. I can't even begin to put into words how I have loved having my children home with me, with each other...until they needed to spread their wings a bit more and gradually get out of the nest.  For those of you who don't know...we are one of 'those' families...the ones who truthfully and honestly look at each child thoroughly each year (really at the end of each year). We are 'that family'- the ones who believe there are more than one way to do many things in life.  We really enjoy evaluating all aspects of our family life and.  Keeping lines of communication open we, as their parents and ultimately the decision makers, like to make sure we give them a chance and opportunity for their voice to be heard.  We know families who don't think to do this with each child and who don't truly LISTEN.  Maybe their are so many kids in the family that this is a scary thought for the parents who want to do things 'their way' for the sake of ease or convenience? I'm not sure, but I know we won't let our family size take away from each child's life experience.  We won't box them in.  I've done a post on this before...In or Out?
  We enjoy kinda randomly asking questions like these to get us all thinking and really being open to what Our Lord's plan is for each soul he's blessed us with: Have you enjoyed this year of homeschooling? Have you grown and been challenged? Do you wish for any changes or do you want to keep things the same? What are you educational hopes and dreams? Would you change anything right now?
  Consider these things when helping your little souls on their OWN pathway to Heaven.  What is Our Lord asking of them? What may He be asking of you? Sometimes, maybe, it's to 'let go' and as the saying goes...let go and let God. Trust in Him.

  It's just about time for travel baseball and soccer to start up again. I've enjoyed all our extra free time this winter, but as you, my faithful readers know, we (DH and I) love watching our kids play sports.  Some our best family moments are being on the sidelines together and cheering on our kids and their teams! This spring #5 will be starting baseball on a 'house team'.  DH will be the assistant coach. Can't wait to see what this kid will do.  He has been taught baseball from a very early age by his own private coach- his big brother!
  TGIF!!!! That's all I can say. I just REALLY love Friday's!!! Today, especially I'm a proud 'mama bear'. #1 just got her midyear report card and she got all A's and B's again. I'm so proud of her. She works so hard all year. She is a very discipline child and she's able to manage her time so well that she never stays up too late working on projects or reports or studying for tests. She has made us so proud throughout her school experience so far.
  And #2 got all his grades in too! He received all A's! Not just A's, but high A's. He's taking 5 classes through our homeschool groups academic classes where we have paid teachers coming to our church every Monday to spend time sharing their expertise with our children.  He's taking writing, grammar, science, debate and speech and Biblical Foundations.  All of his teachers have said some really wonderful things about him. DH and I couldn't be more proud of how he is doing.  He is highly competitive which sure works well when you have a boy who is as active as he is...his competitive nature helps push him to work hard to try and excel in everything he does. He is also highly self motivated which means I have hardly helped him with his studies this year.  I, of course, don't mind helping my kids when they need me, especially if they need me to help them edit a paper or study for a test, but when they are managing these things mostly themselves I feel like it sure is good preparation for the real world.
  We'll be spending our Easter break in Texas this year. Let me tell you...we are counting down the days! We'll be driving down since we have over 10 days of vacation time from school and work.  I can't wait to load up in our big van and take on the road. When we did our long trip to CO this past summer the kids did really well and the drive seemed way less challenging then when the kids were younger and we had nursing babies and diapers and such. Glad to be in this stage of life where some things (the things that used to be so physically demanding) are just easier.
  Pray for me as I discern how to get more involved in the kids' Jr/Sr. Highschool. #1 will be in high school next year and #2 will be starting 7th grade. I want to help more at the school and be more involved with the kids and families and staff their. Please pray that Our Lord will show me a clear way to be involved that works with our stage in life right now.
  DH and I are starting a new mentoring group together. Over the last couple years we have had people come to us asking for advice, tips, lessons learned type 'stuff' in regards to starting a company, managing people, living an integrated life, etc. So, one of the decisions we made over our anniversary trip week was to talk through and determine our plan and then we invited a select few couples to be part of our first ever mindshare.  I'm really looking forward to this new adventure. We've been praying for a while now about where God wants us to minister and where he wants us to use our gifts and talents together.  THIS is our start.  Look for more posts on this as things unfold.
Lots of R and R was had on our trip. It was just what we needed to 'do' together. 

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