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Thursday, January 22, 2015

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   We put lights on our deck this Christmas. We LOVED the way they looked and the joy something so simple brought all of us.  I got this picture after our first snow. The kids thought it looked really cool to see the lights through the snow.

   Our oldest was so excited when DH and told her she could go on the March for Life this year.  Her and some friends met up with their consecrated leaders to attend the Youth Rally at the Verizon Center in DC, first. I'm so excited for her. What an opportunity to grow in her faith and to become more of a young adult ready to fight against the culture of death.

   I'll meet up with her for the March later today.  More pictures to come.

   We love you sweet babies and we cherish your life- even when no one else seems to.  We March today because we love and respect ALL life and we want to see change in our nation.

   We hope all who read this blog will offer prayers and sacrifices today if you are not able to attend the March for Life 2015.

   I took this fun picture while we were waiting for #3 who was at an activity. It's fun to surprise everyone with a little treat from time to time. I love it that my kids appreciate these little things so much! Especially #4...she's the FIRST to say 'thank you, mommy'...almost every time she receives anything.

   We lost a friend this week.  35 years young, a beautiful wife, 3 kids and 1 due in a couple months. Such a hard loss to witness. He just found out before Christmas he had aggressive cancer in several parts of his body. The cancer was just too much for his body to fight through, but in the end he REALLY did WIN the RACE! WE know that! We prayed so hard for a miracle. God wanted him in Heaven. Our hearts were wrenched with sadness as we 'watched' him slip away and his wife kept us all intimately informed of everything happening. He is a household brother of my DH. A young man with a young family and a house that he was remodeling by himself.

   It has been a beautiful thing to watch his friends and family gather around him in prayerful support, but also in financial support and in helping his wife and kids finish their home. Over the next two weeks many household brothers and family members will sacrifice to show Paul how much he is loved and really how The Church is expected to respond to help others in times of need. DH will attend the funeral this weekend.

   He was a real firecracker. Living life to the fullest at all moments. He touched so many people with his joy and his enthusiasm for life and faith. May we all 'live like Paul'...

   Over the past week, he was could tell he was slipping away and our hearts were breaking, so many people commented on how 'their trials were so little, so NOTHING' compared to what he was fighting. It was a really good reminder to me. When I want to complain because life is overwhelming at times...really, in the grand scheme of things...overwhelming moments are NOT THAT BAD.

   We love you Paul! We're taking care of Ann and the kids! Pray for us!

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