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Friday, January 16, 2015

7 Quick Takes

The thoughts in my head and some of the plans in our future. I'm linking up with This aint the Lyceum for this weeks 7 Quick Takes. Enjoy the post and have a blessed weekend!

  Our 15th Anniversary trip is fast approaching. DH and I are going to St. Lucia and the end of January. We honestly cannot wait for this adventure! Neither of us have every visited the Caribbean.  Our anniversary ins't until June, but we decided to go during the winter when kids activities are less and well, we just sometimes ache to get away from the cold weather for a bit.
Warm weather and we come! 

  Books.  On of my goals for 2015 is to read a book a month. I decided to put this challenge on myself because I feel like I start books throughout the year and it takes me months to finish one or I get distracted while reading one and move on to another- never to finish the first one.  The book I'm aiming to finish for January is one my sweet husband recommended. It's called Leadership and Self Deception.  I started back in November of 2014...haha, hence the need for the goal I set. ; ) DH as well as many of his colleagues said this book changed the way they view people.  I'm about 1/2 way through it and am anxious to hear the conclusions.

                         Leadership and Self Deception
  Annual planning. At the beginning of each year DH and I spend about 12 hours planning our year. We go over everything from personal goals and daily schedules, to family trips, vacation time, holiday breaks, the budget, etc. It's actually time we both look forward to spending with each other at the start of a new year. We accomplish so much and it's fun to get on the same page and make plans for us and our children.
  Cradle Care. I'm sure many of my friends know this already, but months ago our family decided to head down the road of a new chapter/adventure in our life. We made the decision with the help of a dear friend, Art Bennet and his beautiful work with an organization called Catholic Charities, to apply to be one of their Cradle Care families.  We are still going through the paperwork and meetings. Hopefully we'll finish it all up this year! It's a family goal for 2015!
  Winter. What is up with this winter? I heard we were going to get lots of snow, but I've yet to see anything worth measuring. The kids are still hopeful that we'll get a 'big dump' in January or February!
  Education.  In the past 2 weeks we have looked at 2 possible schools for our middle girls. We've said all along that our belief is home schooling isn't the only or BEST way of educating our children. What is best is what is really truly working for the child and the family. We want them to love whatever situation they're in even through it's challenges, but at the same time if there is near constant complaining, arguing, etc. things just may need to change. We are open to changing things even if 'our ideal' is to homeschool because 'our ideal' may not be God's will for that particular child and his/her needs. So, this year started off pretty rough for daughters 3 and 4.  The threat of sending them to school helped some, but we are still having enough challenges and strain on relationships to warrant a need to start visiting schools we'd consider enrolling them in before it gets to out of hand at home and they aren't making any progress.  Our decision isn't made yet, but we are taking the steps necessary to prayerfully make the best decision for our girls.
  The geese are gone! If you follow me on Facebook at all you know the saga of the geese who've over the past year gradually made our yard 'nearly' their home (the didn't ever 'spend the night'). I threw in the towel last week and made some phone calls. The geese were in fact owned by a family a few doors down, but not actually in our neighborhood. They made some calls and were very apologetic and willing to help. The geese were captured (that's a funny story in itself) and are now at a farm in MD. I'm so relieved that they are being well taken care of, but mostly that the kids can play in our backyard without 'obstacles' in the grass.
We had 10 of these in our yard almost all day... every day for the last year. 

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