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Thursday, December 04, 2014

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  I've discovered one of my most favorite creations of fall/winter is the holly tree (or bush in some cases).  Just when it seems all is dead and brown and the Earths beauty is all tucked away...I spotted this huge holly tree! It's probably at least 10 feet tall and really bright green and read.  It's holding TONS of little red berries.

  It's a great thing when we re-discover toys and activities that have been tucked away.  #6 made Mr. Potato Head using the Lite Brite.

  These two daughters of ours couldn't be more opposite, but it is so fun to watch them learn to love each other through their differences.  Yes, they fight. Yes, the speak very meanly to each other.  But still they have their moments of 'true connection' that are really neat to see.  Here they are getting ready for movie time together!

#6 made me an offer I couldn't refuse yesterday. "Mommy, can I wash the dishes for you?"
Well, sweet girl, how can I say no?  Of course, I knew I'd need to re-wash everything, but this little one LOVES doing things the 'Montessori way' and honestly, I love letting go of my 'ideals' and just letting her learn and experience things this way.  She stayed at the sink for a good half hour! There were only 3 items to wash and they were all small enough for her hands, so it was perfect.  They learn so much when they are young!

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