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Friday, December 19, 2014

7 Quick Takes

I have a theme this week...

7 moments that melted my 'mothers heart' this week. 

  The week has been slowing down more and more each day as we end our second quarter of homeschooling and more each day take a step toward Christmas through our family's traditions (both new and old).  I LOVE this time of year.  So much family time and so many memories made.  These pictures are 'little things' I caught on camera this week that just made me take a sigh of relief because no matter the 'noise' from the world I feel all is right and good in this place God has given to us. I feel the Grace in being aware of these moments...
Our oldest putting on the first ornament. We're looking forward to having her home for 2 whole weeks.  She's growing up so fast and with her in school now...we truly value her time at home with us more.  When I see this picture it reminds me just how fast she is growing up and that in just 6 short years she'll be heading off to college somewhere. But at the same time, she'll always be our little girl and the oldest in our family- that role is hers and she couldn't do a better job than she does already in that God given place in our family.
#5 was found doing puzzles and working quietly on his own while we homeschooled. I love it when a child gets in his own learning mode and is found busy and quiet. I believe it's important to teach them how to keep themselves busy and quiet some during the day. As kids from a large family they can become dependent on siblings to keep them occupied. 
#2 isn't too thrilled about me taking his picture, but that's ok. One of the best mom 'feelings' I get is seeing my readers at work. I have a couple bookworms so far...they're easy to 'catch' in 'this position', but even my kids that don't always gravitate to reading during their free time I find in 'this position' as well- it's a good thing.
Look at the focus in this child. #4 has been really enjoying our study of Astronomy this year.  Our school week has been so nice and slow and laid back. I can't believe our first half of the year is over! I'm really proud of all the work the kids have accomplished!
And then there's the baby! She's so so sweet. I can't believe how big she's getting. She's learning to take her own shower already!? Where has time gone? As I'm helping her finish her bath this particular night it hits me (like often happens these days) that even though my mind thinks 'I could be doing something else' my heart is feeling 'treasure this time with her.' This very thought has been on my heart a lot lately.  Treasure each of these moments.
Christmas baking has begun!!! Part of my challenge in the kitchen is getting too many of the kids in there with me at the same time, so I cycle through with different 'teams'.  Sometimes we still all end up working on things together, but I find its more fun to pair them up.  Regardless of 'the method', I love these memory making times and I am so thankful for the lessons in the kitchen I had with my parents that I can now pass along to my children.
So far our weather has been very mild. We've had a lot of outside time together. This picture was taken at a nearby lake where we spent some time while #3 was in piano lessons with her NEW 'so perfect for her' teacher.  Last week was her last lesson with her piano teacher for the past 2 years who is moving to London. I know, right!? Over the last couple weeks we've 'interviewed' two teachers and decided on one very quickly and GOT STARTED.  #3 was so bummed to 'lose' her last teacher. She was 'just right' for #3 as well. #3 does NOT handle changes in life well...I know, lots for her to learn, right? Well, as my mom once said 'one of the ways to help her learn to accept change better is to have her practice it'.  Thankfully, I don't have to come up with ways for her to practice difficult changes because they just naturally happen in life. ; ) I love it when I walk and talk #3 through a hard change and it turns out to be a beautiful experience for this new piano teacher. Thank you, Jesus, that your hand is in everything and your will is so right for each one of us! 

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