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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Purge and Clean

  Today's the day! We set aside a specific day at the start (or sometimes during) each Advent season to think of what we have and what we can pass along to those in need.  Our hearts grow heavy this time of year for those less fortunate.  The child who goes to school without a coat.  The little boy who won't get any gifts for Christmas.  These are the His little ones whose needs often don't get met.  Why must they continue to go on without when we have so much?

  So, we'll spend this morning on a family outing to have some quality time just playing, but then this afternoon we'll get to work! I love walking the kids through packing things in the van to donate.   Most of the time the don't have any issues getting rid of some toys and clothes, but sometimes they complain, but when I describe to them who these things might end up going to-they begin to understand and I can see their little hearts understanding the bigger picture.

  And for us, this day especially hits home because our whole year has been dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi, who is one of the best examples I can come up with for purging! He literally gave up everything to BECOME one of the poor himself. Wow! Such a holy example that especially fills our hearts this year.  If only we could do better than we do.

  My prayer is that through the year as we give to the poor...we really understand how blessed we are and how good it feels to truly give from our heart and that in doing so we are serving Christ through His people.  As it was read so beautifully in the Gospel we read last weekend...


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