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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

doTerra for us

  So, as I mentioned in my last post I want to fill my readers in our our most recent decision to start using essential oils for our family.

This picture makes me happy! It captures the naturalness of the oils. 

  I started looking into essential oils about 9 months ago when the benefits began to reach my ears (I know they've been 'going around' for a while).  What drew me in most was the idea that these oils could help us use less 'drugs'.  I find myself looking for ways to sorta 'combat' the medical 'norm' in a way.  That sounds kinda harsh...I'm not opposed to using meds especially in times of big (or should I say more dangerous) illnesses.  I do see the benefits of using fast acting Tylenol when a fever is high. I do see the need in some cases to get rid of a headache FAST or kill a bad bug with an antibiotic.  But through the years I've come to 'disagree' more and more with 'the norm' in doctors offices and personally, in their 'this is how it's always been done attitude'. I feel like they aren't doing a good job educating themselves post med school graduation...among other things...just my opinion.

  But,  I am finding as I do more and more of the research and study  how to maintain optimal health, I find so much online about these oils and the natural healing and immune support that people are gaining by using them.  I'm also one to turn to like minded friends and professionals for their ideas, input and own research results.  For instance, my mom, she is an avid reader and researcher for natural health and many other topics.  I go to her, and she comes to me...with tips and suggestions from her own personal experience. I love it! She's lived life longer. She gets our families health history and frankly, I share her genes, so our similarities makes her an valuable opinion and a great source of information.  Plus, she also has more time to put into 'the work'.

  I've been using doTerra oils on my family for a couple of months now.  We don't use them everyday- just as needed or in some cases to 'give an immune boost' for the day.  By far, our most used oils are OnGuard, Peppermint and Lavender.  I purchased the Family Physician Kit because I could see that it was a good start for us with a broad spectrum of oil 'samples' all of which can be used to treat a majority of 'familiar' health circumstance that most families face from warts, to colds, to fevers and restless sleep...we've got kids asking for oils when they have a need. Just last night my five year old son asked "Mommy, will you rub by feet with the 'sleeping oil' (lavender) before I go to bed?" I'm sure he asked for a couple of different reasons: likes the massage, likes to stay up a bit longer, etc., but I also know that he's woken up very peaceful the last couple of mornings and I can't help but think he's had extra good sleep the last couple nights.  My oldest daughter has been using lavender on her sore throat this week and asks for it herself.  And on numerous occasions my husband has had peppermint relieve his dull headache.  But, this is our family's success stories.  By no means does every family or person experience the same results for the same or different health situations.  Let's face it- we all have to discover whatever it is that WORKS for OUR FAMILY.  If you don't like Lemon oil- you don't have to use it! If you don't like the idea of using oils at all- DON'T use them.  It's your choice and it's not a good, bad, wrong, right 'thing'.

  I need to wrap up this post even though I could say more things.  The day is calling me...

  doTerra oils are by no means OUR Savior! I don't feel like we've struck GOLD.  And I don't feel like they are a 'fix all', but so far I've liked the fruits of our experiment and we will keep using them as needed.

  One of my favorite sayings holds true: the proof is in the pudding.


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