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Friday, November 28, 2014

7 Quick Takes

  Today's Quick Takes post is my simple and random thoughts, ideas, updates- whatever you want to call it.  Enjoy! And thanks for stopping by!
   Happy 'day after' Thanksgiving to everyone! We had a peaceful and fun day yesterday.  Probably me two most favorite 'pieces' I took from yesterday were how good it felt to have 2 lovely ladies join us as guests.  And secondly, how fun it is to watch our kids play and interact with family.  Despite the differences and even the is forever and we just love that our kids are growing up with cousins close in age and grandparents who care so much about being together.  We are blessed with both sets of grandparents who are very much part of our life and whom we treasure and value spending time with too!
One cute picture taken at the end of the night. 

  The weather this week was a roller coaster ride.

  This was Monday night...
It was so warm outside we just had to grill dinner! #2 has become my grill master when daddy is running late. 
But by Wednesday....

SNOW!!! We only got about an inch, but it was pretty and fun while it lasted.
Craziness all in one week, right!?

  The blessing of LESS TV!  We made some rule adjustments over the last 3 months...since school started up.  One of our new rules is no TV on week nights.  Despite the fact we only have 1 child in school where homework is a factor each night...we have decided that the TV just doesn't need to be on during the week.  Let me tell you...we have seen beautiful things happening more and more between our children.  It's such a gift to see relationships grow and develop after making a parent decision like this. No one really complained when we told them of the new rule and we do allow for some exceptions like an 'important' football game or a 'certain special movie'.  The main point is we're doing a better job not 'resorting' to the TV or even 'movie nights' in order to 'spend time together' because it just wasn't time as well spent as we'd like it.

  Three of the girls are going to be in a Nativity play that our homeschool group is putting on for the rest of the parish.  Even little Rosie has a couple lines which she did VERY well on in the first practice last week.  Fingers crossed that she'll say them in front of the crowd.  My kids are always putting on plays and shows in our own's fun to see them getting to perform in small ways outside the home.

  We missed our Texas family this Thanksgiving! It sure was fun to bring a little Texas to VA though. With our pecan pie and our cake...two things my family is almost sure to have at a Thanksgiving celebration!

  We have a baby turtle! Telly is her name.  We aren't sure if she's from the momma turtle who laid her eggs in our mulch several months ago or not, but we've become an 'animal rescue' of sorts.  So, we'll see how this turtle raising goes...fingers crossed we can keep her alive. We did some research online to see just how to take care of a baby turtle.  Here she is...

And here's her new habitat...
See her on the rock in the far right corner? I must admit...she's kinda cute and tiny. 

  The retreat I went on last weekend was very blessed time of prayer, rest and peacefulness.  Thank you for your prayers! Know that I brought many special intentions of yours with me.  While I received much needed clarity and peace in different areas of my life I hope you also have received and will continue to see God's plans unfold for you as well.
This is the main retreat house on the property.  In the picture you can only see one half of the house. The oratory is actually on the other end which isn't visible here. 

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