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Friday, November 21, 2014

7 Quick Takes

   Today's the long awaited start to my weekend retreat. Its been a long time since I've been on a retreat. I'm really looking forward to the fruits of quiet prayer, inspiring talks and restful times too.  If you're reading this post I'd love an extra prayer from you. Thank you!
  Keep reading my blog because in the coming days I'll be doing a post on our new aid in our path to good health.  Essential oils have been under my 'investigation' for a while now, but in the last month I've decided to start an experiment of sorts on my family.  I have some really awesome stories to tell about how these oils have helped us in several different situations. Stay tuned...

  Last weekend our #2 had tryouts for spring travel baseball. The outcome wasn't what we had hoped and expected, but as we know firsthand these experiences in sports and activities are what help shape our kids' character.  There are so many lessons to be learned.  So, our next stage of baseball he'll be playing travel this spring with the SYA u12 Mets- Blue team.  A new coach for him. Many new teammates and some he knows...and a bit more growing up and some great challenges that will help him grow up.  He'll also be playing house baseball, so he'll be getting lots of play time in...that's a good thing!  Come spring, if you need me...well, you know by now where to find of my favorite places to be...the fields...cheering for my kids and the team!
This isn't my son, but this is how little he was when he played on his first team- The Greenjackets! Ah, many memories! 

   A little shout out to my DH who will be Mr. Mom this weekend.  I love you so very much! I am so thankful that you have the day off today and that you're such a 'present to our needs' dad! We are blessed! I hope we never take you for granted.  Thank you for being such a caring husband who is amazing at sacrificing in your love for all of us.

  Thanksgiving is ALMOST here! We can't wait to spend time with family and enjoy some of the foods that have become traditions in our family. I just love the fact that my kids requested certain things from grandma D.  I love that they think of her and there are some things she makes that they associate with her- beautiful memories and bonds in these familial relationships that are so important to us!  We are so blessed to have not just very present and loving and helpful grandparents, but also my DH's Aunt whom the kids adore!

  Volleyball is here! This's for me to play!!! I've played on a womens' team over the years that's made up of a couple friends I've known for some time now, some new friends I've made and this season MORE new faces.  We played our first game this past week. We beat the 'socks' of them! It's a great feeling to be able to still play the sport I love playing most myself.

  God bless your weekend! May you give and receive all that is right and perfect for you at this time!

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