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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Rituals and seasons

I've said it a lot, but I'll say it again...

It's FALL!!!!!

My most favorite season of the year! I've already told you the reasons why I love fall so much and that I'm the 'woman type' who loves change, right?  I don't like getting into ruts of any kind.  Almost as soon as I notice I'm in a rut, whether it be I'm cooking the same meals over and over again, or I'm getting bored from the same 'ole exercise routine, I seem to CRAVE change.

So, with this season changes that God gives us so beautifully through creation it has dawned on me that God likes change too.  So change must be good! Yay!

  One of my current 'rituals' has helped me realize that even our 'rituals' can use the change.  I'm currently practicing a morning routine that I haven't done in the past, but that is proving to be very healthy for me, especially the start of my day.  While the kids eat breakfast I have some quiet and coffee out on our deck.  I'm enjoying the sounds of nature and the cool temperature and just the PEACE.  This new ritual WORKS right now, but when the next season comes...I'll change it up a bit. I'll NEED to...I'll HAVE to because what is best for me now, won't be the best choice come winter.  Brrr.

  Right now happens to be a very busy sports season for our family.  While we really enjoy our kids being active and we LOVE cheering for each of them on the sidelines...we CRAVE the family time and having less running around to do.  We know this fall sports season won't last forever.  Life will slow down again.  And we CAN treasure both times in our family life- the business should be treasured as well as the less busy times.  And when the times are busy and we're running here and there...we simply carve out family time in different ways and at different times.  It isn't's JUST different.  It's a CHANGE from our past 'season'.
Using the teams soccer bench during a baseball game. It comes in handy! Glad we signed up to keep up with it during the season!

Serious dude! Standing on home...hoping to bring in a run for the team!

Soccer girls climb trees too...

  Who knows what the next season in life might bring, but whatever it is I'm ready to change with it.  I'm ready to seek Him, know Him more and grow through all of life's changes.  The changes to come are exciting to me because I've laid it all at the foot of the cross and daily my prayer is Jesus, I trust in You!

How about you? Are you being called to change things up a bit? Do you know where it is God is calling you to change?

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