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Friday, October 03, 2014

7 Quick Takes

These boys know how to tickle each others 'funny bone' and they really get me going sometimes too. I'm so thankful they are best buddies and that they have each other. 

Our volleyball season is nearing its end. I'm so proud of our girl. She has improved a ton and is really enjoying being on the team. Coaching the girls has been a ton of fun! 

Kindergarten for #5 is well underway. He's picking math up very quickly and we're flying through his reading book too. Can you tell what piece is missing from our matrix? 

Fall has arrived and the trees are starting to change.  

I've enjoyed morning coffee and cool temps on our deck.  There's something rejuvenating about quiet time in the morning especially out in nature.

#2 is #5's 'personal trainer' in many ways.  I've caught them outside working on the fundamentals of baseball many times this week. 

Not a great picture, but it captures 'a moment' during my parents visit. We were at the gym for a night of baseball practice (indoor due to rain) and the kids lined up a massage area and rotated positions...right up my dads alley. 

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