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Friday, October 24, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Kitchen Go To's Edition

  As I've mentioned before sometimes I get 'inspired' with a theme for these posts, but other times I just write down random thoughts.  This time my theme is...

7 Kitchen items I could hardly live without!
(in no particular order)

We got our mixer soon after we were married.  It has been at the center of much memory making in our kitchen.  It's used especially during the Thanksgiving/Christmas time of year.  I've never had a single issue with it and it looks just as new as it did the first day! 

A good set of knives!  Knives that do the job you expect them to do and DO IT WELL!  I've been frustrated before with knives that won't cut straight through something.  A good set of knives is worth every penny.  

This Pampered Chef tools is my favorite tool of all of there stuff. Why, because as you can imagine we brown a lot of meet in this house.  This tool helps break the raw meet up perfectly! I use it almost every day. 

My coffee maker is not just an important item for me. My kids would cast a vote for it too! The use it to make hot tea and hot cocoa when mommy says it's ok. 

We all have our own favorite cutting board style. There are so many to choose from, but my 'go to' cutting board is my glass one. I just love that it cleans up perfectly and there's no chance of dangerous bacteria holding on to it.  It was hard getting a picture of it since it's glass. ; )

This is one of my newer kitchen items.  Pampered Chef sells it, but I'm sure you can find similar items elsewhere. I'm really not trying to 'make a plug' for a friend.  Here my 'brownie pan' is being put to use for last nights dinner- mini meatloaves.  This pan can make so many cute desserts, breads, entrees, etc.  I have a whole recipe book full of ideas. I'm looking forward to putting it to use more this holiday season.

I can't get this picture to flip around, but you get the idea.  I LOVE both of the spatulas.  The clean up well and then are useful in so many different situations. Brownies and breakfast casserole, lasagna and enchiladas, will all come out of their pan easily with help from these great tools! 

Hope you enjoyed todays post! I'd love to hear what your #1 tool is in your kitchen! Please share in the comment area. 

Have a great weekend! 

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