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Sunday, September 07, 2014

Sunday Daybook

I'm listening to... the tunes at Starbucks.  Sitting here with DH. Organizing our week and catching up on life which has been sorta busy lately.

I'm wearing... I'm laughing at myself because I'm wearing the same outfit I was wearing last Sunday. Its been washed though ; ) Guess its one of my comfiest!

To do this week... I'm flying solo tomorrow. DH has a 24 hour trip.  The rest of the week should be pretty smooth sailing as we work as a team to get the kids to the places they need to be.  I love it when we work as a team.  There's a lot to accomplish and we can't do it without each other.

I'm reading... I've finished Wheat Belly and we are implementing some of the docs suggestions and seeing some great results already even though we're still newbies.  I'm listening to The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and I'm finding it a bit hard to get into for some reason.  I've also started listening to The 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work which I am really enjoying.  The author did one of the most intense studies ever done on marriage and the things he learned and observed were really insightful.  This book has drawn me in and it taking over the time I was spending listening to The 7 Habits...What is it with 7!? 7 this, 7 that...It's a good number I guess.

I'm thinking about... Honestly, the family sitting on my right has captured my thoughts at the moment.  I can tell the dad is in the military by the way he's talking to his kids.  He has a son age 5 and a daughter age 3.  He has demanded about 4 times that they sit still and obey.

I'm praying for... I'm saying a novena to St. Therese for a special girl.  I'm praying for more patience, as always, and I think I will be for the rest of my life.

I'm thankful for... Our wine and appetizer date last night.  We had a great conversation. I'm so thankful for the times when we REALLY connect.

I love it when... DH and I are on the same page.  Sometimes as opposites in some ways it is challenging to feel like we really get each other.  Last night, during our conversation over wine...the connection was beautiful.  And I love those moments.  I'm grateful for realizing these moments are special and for not taking them for granted.

What's coming up... A busy week.  Tomorrow starts Academic classes for #2 as well as Monday mass with #1's school.  This week is our first 'full blown' week back post summer vacation.  We'll see how it goes.  My motto these days is 'one day at a time'.  I had someone ask me about an event happening several days away last week and I couldn't even answer any questions about it because I'm ONE FOCUSED MOMMA!

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