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Thursday, September 18, 2014

{pretty, happy, funny, real) 8th edition

Leaving the practice fields last week and I turn and see this amazing view of the suns rays blasting through the clouds. 

I caught #5 curled up in a chair and working on his reading skills. He's in Kindergarten this year and is doing a great job learning to read!

We have these ducks in our yard on a regular basis. They waddle up, eat bugs for a while and then waddle back down to the creek area.  Nearly every day we catch them waddling in a straight line. It just makes me laugh. This is how I feel sometimes when all my kids are following me into the church for club day or whatever. Ha ha!

I mentioned we visited VMI last weekend.  I caught this picture of my DH and his dad and I just love it.  I feel like they look so alike here and it makes me happy that they're having 'a father son moment' of those 'unspoken kind'. 

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