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Thursday, September 11, 2014

{pretty, happy, funny, real} 7th edition

Not a great picture, but one night this week while picking up our oldest from dance the sky was just amazing. The moon was full and bright and there was a thin layer of clouds that kept passing 'over it'.  I had to try to capture the view I was getting through my phone, but well, the phone had a tough time getting the real beauty I was seeing. 

We LOVE watching our son play catcher! It's a tough position to play and it's exciting too. 


The field last weekends soccer game was on was literally in the heart of DC.  We were next door (pretty much) to National Airport. It was a gorgeous place and a beautiful day!  I put this picture under 'funny' because I thought the 'comb looking' thing in the picture was kinda 'funny' and I didn't have a better 'funny' picture to show you. ; )


Running this large family and doing it as peacefully as possible requires organization, planning and PRAYER! One of the things I do that helps us run smoothly is cook on the weekends or whenever we have some extra time and motivation in the kitchen. Before school even started in late August we spent several separate days baking breakfast muffins of all varieties.  On mornings when we have to get out early they have 'saved us'.  I'm so grateful for all my kitchen helpers.  I have 4 bakers!! Plus myself! 

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