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Thursday, September 04, 2014

{pretty, happy, funny, real} 6th edition

I'm joining LMLD again this week! I love this blog post idea of hers.

No matter where we are in life...God's promise is always and forever! I caught this rainbow while waiting for #4's soccer practice to end the other night.  When the world is a mess and it seems like there's no hope...a rainbow reminds us of His love and His promise. He's got this! 


   One of DH's newest daddy ideas is to take each kid out for some sort of quality time.  Last summer we loaded up our big van with some of the kids best friends and he took them all to the Awakening Fest- a full day Christian concert. That was a lot of fun! They made some great the rain! They STILL talk about it to this day.  This year we decided to 'change it up' and we've scheduled quality time with each one doing something we knew they'd LOVE.  Its been really fun coming up with the ideas and planning secretly.  We've already done 5 of the kids outings.  Two of them happened this past weekend which is why I placed these pics under the {happy} title.

We took #4 and her best soccer friend to see the George Mason women's soccer team play.  All 4 of us had a great time and couldn't have asked for better weather.  #4 is a little shy, but when she's one on one with a girl friend...she's totally 8 years old and such a fun friend! 

The next afternoon we drove 20 min. down the road to take #6 to her first 'concert'! She was a little apprehensive about going somewhere without her siblings- she doesn't get to that much ; ) 

But when the Fresh Beat Band showed up she was ON CLOUD NINE! They've been one of her favorites for a couple years. She couldn't believe she was seeing them in real life! And we had so much fun singing their songs together. 

And she sure did love the extra attention and treats she got with DH and I to herself for a couple hours.  It was really fun to have just OUR BABY with us for a bit! 

#5 saved up some $ and bought a skateboard this week. It cracks me up that he holds his arms out like this to balance. I mean, good plan, but he just looks kinda funny/cute. 

This weeks science lesson (one of them) was all about saving this sweet little baby squirrel. I have a few animal loving kids...they can't even stand it when we find something in the yard that 'needs us' to help.  The cats actually brought up this baby squirrel. He's injured, but I left that picture out...we got him into this bucket and then carried him to a safe place and let him go.  I don't know if he'll make it, but we tried.  

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