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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Happy Birthday, beautiful 'baby' of Ours!

SHE's 4!!! 

I can hardly believe it! Four years ago we welcomed #6 into our family.  She's our little firecracker! She's everything a 'youngest' should be.  Even though she's always growing and learning new things she IS still our baby. 

You can say "good-bye" to the 3's, little one, because today's you're officially 4!

She's been counting down for the past 2 weeks.  Asking us each day "how many more days until my birthday?" 

Her personality and temperament are still working themselves out, but we know a few things. She's full of energy and smiles MOST of the time. She adores her older siblings! She has the most fun with her big brothers! #5 who is just 18 months older than her is one of her best playmates.  Most of the time they get along very well together.  I often find the two of them wrestling like little bear cubs and giving each other hugs and kisses. So cute! I'm so glad they have each other- at the bottom of the 'line up'. 

#6 is in the 'sponge stage' full force! She's always learning and taking things in and #4 is one of her best teachers.  #6 is always eager to try new things and learn as she goes.  

She LOVES being in the kitchen with me. Whenever I have something age appropriate I ask for her help and she runs to get the stool and lend her helping hands. 

Having a brother in Kindergarten right above her...makes it hard to 'slow her down' a bit in her school work.  I have 2 other kids 'in the same boat' and I've learned from them that they can really help each other in these circumstances and they can also push each other to succeed.  However, she's the baby...and we're holding on to that a bit more. ; )

Happy Birthday #6! We love you so very much! 

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