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Friday, September 26, 2014

7 Quick Takes

  What a week! My parents were here all week and we really enjoyed their visit! I love it when they come get a taste of our big family life! They come, they love us all, they spoil us all a bit and then when it's time to say good's hard. Thankfully, they come visit once in the fall and once in the spring each year, so we know it won't be too long before they're back. Thanks for coming, Dad and Mom.  We love you!!
Looking at Gpa while he tells a story. 

It was a busy week.  Dad had a glass of wine to offer me each night. ; ) He knows...

  I love it when I catch the littles snuggled up with a book together.  #5 was 'teaching' #6 how to read!

It's been so cool at night we decided it was time to pick our watermelon. #4 got to be in the first picture because she spent most the summer taking care of the garden with me and felt very proud of successfully growing it! It was tasty!!!

Girls weekend! Oh yay! One thing on the calendar is I'm taking my girls and a couple friends to see this movie! They are BEYOND excited! Oh, my big hearted animal lovers!

  While my parents were here we had lots of outside play time because the weather all week was glorious.

  One of our favorite fall Paleo meals is Apple and Onion Pork chops. This meal made us all happy recently.  I'm grateful for fall weather, food, smells, etc.

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