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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Daybook

  A real life friend/blogger has inspired me to do a daybook post today.   Its been a long time since I've done one of these, but I really do love them.

I'm listening to...Well, it's Sunday morning, so it's our date to Starbucks.  Most Sunday mornings we head to Starbucks together.  We plan the week ahead, we chat, we blog...and our new resolution is NO STARBUCKS during the week, so by's for sure a real treat!

I'm wearing...capri's, cozy flip flops and a Mickey Mouse 'kid at heart' t-shirt.  Just comfy.

To do this week...Be productive with house projects on Labor Day.  The rest of the week will be busy with school at home, and carpooling to my oldests' 'away from home' school, sports, our first volleyball game, a company event and who KNOWS what I've probably forgotten. It'll be a busy week!

I'm reading...For me this means 'listening too' because that's how I've been getting a lot of reading done lately. I listen while I walk for at least a 1/2 hour in the morning and also whenever I'm in the car driving kids to and fro.  I just finished Wheat Belly. Wow! I'm still blown away by what I learned by the doc! I've also just finished The Five Love Languages of Kids.  I gained a lot from this book.  Now to work on what I learned!  I've just begun listening to The 7 Habit of Highly Effective People.

I'm thinking about...the fridge situation. Ugh. Its become a headache.  Hopefully tomorrow we'll make our decision. Who knew buying a new fridge could be such a challenge?

I'm praying kids...nearly constantly.  My niece and all new freshman starting their year at our alma mater.  Our marriage...that each day we will grow more and more in love.

I'm thankful for...conversations with my oldest and one of my godsons this week.  Thankful for their openness!  I 'get' that being open is harder and harder sometimes the older a kid gets...I've been I truly value and treasure when a young person opens up.

I love it when...myself, my husband or my kids tap into each others love languages.  I love seeing the 'love tanks' fill up.  Now that I've read the book cover to cover...I appreciate the love languages more and I'm more in tune with each person and their 'emptiness or fullness' on a daily basis.

What's coming up...this week/weekend our game schedules begin.  I'm happy and nervous all in one...because our plate is full.  I'm so happy though that even with a full plate...we have time for family- just us- because we've made that a priority and we've scheduled it in.  Even though our together time isn't when it 'typically' is...its still going to happen. I'm so thankful for that flexibility in our life and for the awareness of the importance of time 'just the 8 of us'.

One to make you smile...

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