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Thursday, August 14, 2014

{pretty, happy, funny, real} 5th edition

{pretty} Our beautiful 'pink roomies' as they call themselves.  #4 and #6 are a little over 4 years apart and share a room together. I love getting sweet pictures of them like this because all 4 years of her life #6 has looks JUST LIKE #4 at the same age.  #4 is growing up fast and learning more and more to be a big helper and a patient big sister. 

{happy} One of the things that makes me happiest about this stage in our lives is the fact that #5, my second son, is a MOMMA'S BOY STILL! By age 2 my first born son was all over DH and was making that normal healthy separation.  I'm not gonna lie it was a hard stage to go through- as the mom.  But I feel so blessed to have a special boy who is still 'head over heals' about me and enjoys snuggles, kisses and special time with his momma!  AND he's not afraid to say it and show it! This picture speaks a thousand words to me. 

{funny} DH took me out to dinner 'just us' for my birthday.  We had one of our best dates ever. I caught this picture of him that just makes me smile.  Beyond the business and the stress and the raising of the children...the funny side, the laughter, the makes me really happy.  I cherish the moments of raw emotion- both the happy and the sad- because I know these times unite us. 

{real} A week full of soccer means a week full of sweaty clothes, smelly shoes and an exhausted every night little girl. Smelly shoes= REAL LIFE. 

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