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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Looking back

We've had a really great last week of summer- 2 days left! Here are some iPhone pictures I've captured that really sum up all the fun we've had this whole summer.

Late nights outside with each other. 

Family time- over the weekend we went peach picking. 

We found a great orchard that had a neat pathway leading to the picking areas.

We got blackberries too! Yum!!!

And apples...can you see my son in the apple tree!? 

We went to a very kid friendly water park with friends! Love the cool water and sun combo!!! 

This week we made apple sauce with our new apples.  We've done lots of 'kitchen time' this summer. 

#1 became a teenager this week! 

#4 has been involved in great soccer practices and camps! She eats this up!!! 

Our 'game addiction' THIS week has been Bananagrams! Oh and LOTS of 'speed' has been played as well! 

#1 and her BFF's celebrating her bday in style! 

My best applesauce maker!! Making Gma D proud! 

Although saying good bye to summer will be hard.  We look forward to what this next year of school brings for each of us and all of together as a family. So much to look forward to and hope for as well!

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