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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Good bye, Summer 2014

  One of my favorite aspects of life is the changes! I LOVE changes! It breaks up the monotony. Life CAN get monotonous, ya  know. The changing seasons, the ebs and flows of kids activities, the ups and downs of the work load for DH and the start and end of the school year...I LOVE all of it!

  Tomorrow brings with it a new school year for all of us.  Life in this beautiful big family of ours is constantly giving us milestones and accomplishments.  To name a few, #1 is a teenager now! #5 starts Kindergarten tomorrow! #2 begins middle school classes at our church and begins the process of applying to attend the Jr. High that our oldest attends.

  We made many wonderful summer memories together and tomorrow we are just moving into the next chapter. Ready for making more memories together.

  Rejoicing in the new and peacefully accepting the successes and failures, that is one area we work on as a family through the natural changes in life.

  So, CHEERS, to a new year and new beginnings! To milestones and bridges crossed!

  And bring it on!

One of our best summer vacations yet! 2 weeks in CO with Gma and Gpa S!!! And LOTS of outdoor adventures together! 

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