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Friday, August 29, 2014

7 Quick Takes

I'm back at it and connecting with Conversion Diary, for 7 Quick Takes Friday. I love doing this post, but sometimes...I don't have 'it' in my mind to do it and do it well.  Today's random thoughts brought to you by my iPhone.  I've captured these pictures throughout our week.
He's loving Kindergarten and is super excited every day to sit down and work on his letters! I love the 'little kid' enthusiasm.  My bigs are sooo excited about school anymore because well, it's a lot of work and they don't LOVE every subject like they use to when they were young. Reality! Enjoying the reality that RIGHT NOW...he loves Kindergarten and growing up! 

I'm happy to post this picture because it really does capture life as it is right now.  We're busy, but we aren't so busy that we can't make jam, and spend time together in the kitchen.  Our schedules are busier than normal this fall, but that fact hasn't caused havoc. We've just adjusted.  Now instead of our together time being in the evenings...we've been having breakfast together and having more chat time then.  I love that has a couple we have learned to be flexible and to give and take at various times in our life.  And I'm thankful that my husbands job allows the adjustments to take place as needed.  As with all things it's a balancing thing.  We've learned that balance looks different at various chapters in our family life. 

Even the cat senses the peace this week.  Now, this is the epitome of 'cat nap', right? Oh, to be so loved, cared for and well, tired...that you can just take care of that tiredness...whenever, wherever.  

Siblings, just hanging out and bonding.  Love when they're all together and all enjoying being together.  Of course, they fight. Sometimes I feel like that's all they do because I'm their mom and I see it all, but I am learning to see, really SEE these times of peace and be thankful for them. 

I had to post this picture again because it makes me smile.  

When it rains, it pours.  The AC has been replaced. We're super happy with our new unit.  And now, our fridge has to be replaced.  It's a custom fridge and we'd like a 'normal''s causing a headache to get one that will fit in this same hole.  Oh the joys of homeownership! 
Remember my post on 'momma turtle' and the eggs she layed in our mulch bed? Well, we have our eye on the spot where she layed those babies.  We're watching and waiting...hoping we don't miss their escape. It'll be so neat if we catch it happening! 

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