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Thursday, July 31, 2014

{pretty, happy, funny, real} 4th edition

{pretty} Last minute call from DH. Dinner guest coming! Time for getting out the BEST! One of our favorite quick desserts is Strawberry Shortcake! Yum-O!!!

{happy} Some of my happiest moments in the summer are seeing our little garden get bigger and bigger. Just look at this cute little watermelon!!! 

{funny} This picture is hilarious to me for 2 reason. First of all because it's a TERRIBLE picture. One of the kids took it. But secondly, because it captures my son 'kinda'. He is a ball of energy. He's the 'ring leader clown' (I have a couple clowns). This picture freezes a moment in his life- the best the camera can when he's moving non stop! 

{real} This is DH (dear husband, kinda funny that those letter are actually part of his name also). DH has 'growth' on his face! See that!? It all began on our vacation in CO. Thought I'd share since most of you don't see him much. I like it! Well actually I'm indifferent about it. But it's fun for a change. Life is always changing! This is one of those REAL LIFE changes.  And I think he looks cool- oh, yes, cool-er! Because he's always been cool to me! ; ) And this picture doesn't do justice to the 'new look', sorry, but he won't give me a good shot of him. 

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