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Thursday, July 24, 2014

{pretty, happy, funny, real} 3rd edition

  I'm inspired by Leila at LMLD this morning. I love this post idea and it's perfect for talking about our most recent family vacation to the beautiful state of Colorado.  So, here's a some pictures and memories from our trip.  I was planning to do a long post with more pictures and such, but I decided I'd prefer to 'let out' a little a time through the course of a few weeks.   There are so many good pictures and stories to's worth several different posts.

{pretty}  I've mentioned this so many times before but Colorado is one of the most beautiful states in America if I do say so myself.  Every time we visit we're in awe of the beautiful flowers, the cold,rushing, clear creeks and rivers and the magnificent, powerful Rocky Mountains.  All of it is so breathtaking.  Being there is an awesome reminder that our God is creative and powerful and that His love for us is deep and personal! 
This is our view from the highest point of our horseback riding adventure.  The jagged topped mountains are known
locally as the 'Coors Mountains' because they are the ones pictures on the Coors beer can. 

This lower mountain looked so amazing this day because of our deep blue the sky is and with the perfectly white puffy clouds behind it. 

A night time walk for DH and I revealed the most beautiful night time sky. We were both in awe...and a bit chilly! 

{happy}  We had many happy times on our vacation.  We all just felt so blessed to be in such a beautiful place with my parents and having much needed family time.  Some of our adventures included: a 9 mile bike ride (we were only expecting it to be 5! Boy we were proud of how well our kiddos did fighting the fight and facing the challenge.  All of them had to dig deep and play the 'mental game' to get to the end successfully. We learned a lot about our kids on this ride.), several runs down the Alpline slide, Putt putt golf and rock wall climbing, a horseback riding adventure for myself and my two horse loving daughters and an awesome white water raft trip down the Colorado River, to name a few.  
A dream come true for these two cuties! 

This kid LOVES golf and NEVER has played a game of putt putt without getting at least ONE hole-n-one! 

Less than half way through our bike ride and we were famished and needing energy. Mom forgot to pack a snack, so we all shared one bag of peanut M/M's.  We really valued this moment! 

{funny} We have our share of laughs no matter where we go it seems. But some of our best laughing moments I think are just the normal kid situations that cause us to laugh because well, we're becoming 'seasoned parents' and things that use to bug us or cause us to react negatively just make us laugh now that we 'get' what things are important and what shouldn't be.  For instance, getting soaked in the fountain even though you don't have your swimsuit on...learning to let life be lived to the fullest. 

{real} Life is real. No matter how much 'control' we think we have or may want to have...God is ultimately the one in control. That means there really is such a thing as 'over thinking', 'over planning' and 'over expecting'.  What does all this mean?  It means as we grow we have to accept all of life...the ups and downs, the 'let downs', the sadness, the joy...all of it.  That's REAL life- no matter how you slice it.  Admitting the positives and the negatives- THAT can be challenging, but hiding behind it all isn't being honest. Life is about being REAL and growing in EVERYTHING.  While on vacation my husband was being a big KID and trying to race #2 down the mountain slide when he lost control of his 'sled' and got banged up pretty bad.  AT first I didn't think much of the injury,  but then as I realized his pain and helped take care of him I saw how serious the injury was and my first reaction was frustration- that he hadn't followed the rules and had acted out of stupidity, but then through the processing and accepting the present moment God helped me be grateful he wasn't hurt more seriously and God gave me the Grace to love my husband through his aches and pains. Even though I wanted to be upset at the situation and the challenges it brought to parts of our vacation...I was able to truly accept it and move into a more loving and peaceful approach which helped my husband mend faster and ultimately saved our vacation from being ruined by this challenge. 
This was just ONE of the burns he got from the slide. Ouch! 

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