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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Another new chapter in life


  First of all, we're back from our vacation! We had such a good time. I'll post pictures and a summary on our Colorado experience later.

  I am one proud momma! Before we left for vacation we found out that #4 made the SYA U9 girls Travel team- Team Morgan (you know, Alex Morgan? If not, do a google search. Amazing soccer player and 'author'. #4 is into her books now.) Way to go, #4!!! We are so proud of you and love watching you on the field...full of heart and genuine love for your teammates! We're looking forward to seeing you grow and face challenges this year that will help form you into a more virtuous athlete. Remember you're God's Girl on and off the field!

Brave child. She jumped the highest of the gang- by far!

  While we were on vacation we found out that #2 made the SYA U12 Boys Baseball Team- SYA Mets! We are SO PROUD of you #2!!! And he got the coach that he REALLY hoped he'd get! Honestly, his tryouts didn't go so well.  Both DH and I knew he was just nervous, but we were concerned he may not make the team and were starting to come up with Plan B.

  We've had some long emotional discussions about 'plan B' and 'praying for God's will and being prepared to accept  His will'.  These are the conversations I enjoy most with my kiddos.  Real life opportunities to rely in Christ and grow in trust.
  DH and I grew up playing sports...we REALLY get the challenges, the growth, the heartfelt emotions, the virtue training.  I love talking with my kids through these types of challenges especially because I've 'been there'.  One thing I told #2 after his tryouts were over and he was upset at how he'd performed...'son, don't forget you've been playing baseball for a LONG time and these Coaches know you.  They know that one days 'nervous performance' isn't the player that you have proven yourself to be all year long.'  Sure enough, Coach saw past that day.  

  #2 We're looking forward to a watching you this Fall. It'll be fun and hard at the same time.  A great time for you to grow in virtue and in skills. Go SYA Mets! 

The family clown...and our favorite baseball player! 

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