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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A day in the life of...

our TURTLE friend!

Yep, we have a new turtle mommy who is a 'friend' of sorts.  She waltzed up onto our property one Saturday morning. We watched her for a long time. We were in awe of how big she was. We observed her some more. And then...

She laid HER eggs in our mulch! At first we thought she was just digging. Then from a distance we could see her laying eggs. Woweee!!

And then, just like that, she covered them up and scooted away. It doesn't even look like she was there. I figure that's the point! No predators would ever know the eggs are hidden in this spot.

Next, I found her hiding in the bushes nearby.  I think she was just waiting for us to leave her alone so she could plan her escape and live to see another day.  We aren't turtle hunters in THAT way!

We went away for several hours. When we came back we saw a path through the grass.

And at the end of the path...
There she was.  So I got #5 (my plan for a little mother/son bonding moment) and we followed her ever so slowly and quietly to see where she was off too.
Must be heading to the creek!?

AH! Free at last! She's done a lot today. She's walked who knows how far to get to our 'perfect to her' spot in the mulch for her babies. Then she walked from there to the creek WITH HER HOUSE on HER BACK!

All in a days time! But, I wonder why turtles just LEAVE their babies!? Strange huh!? Can you imagine?

Crazy! But cool and exciting too! A whole homeschool science lesson in itself! We always love the natural educational moments. The ones that go beyond the books!

I LOVE living on property 'in the country'. Ha, we actually live in the middle of a very busy area of Northern VA, but you'd never know. Our neighborhood is private.  About 10 homes are here and each on 5 acres. We're towards the back of the neighborhood and we have a wonderful creek and woods that we back up to, so we get CRITTERS!

After we saw her laying eggs we looked up 'how long do turtle eggs take to hatch?' Two months from now...if we're aware...we should see the babies hatch.

Fun times 'on the farm'?! We sure love it!

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