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Friday, July 25, 2014

7 Quick Takes

Most QTF posts I read are random bits of info. or facts or funny happenings in the life of the blogger. THAT's what mine will be today. I like having a theme like I've done in the past, but I don't always have an interesting one. So, here are my thoughts...
  In ONE MONTH we will be starting our school year up.  The summer has flown by, but we have had off school (at least the homeschooled kids and I) since early May. We REALLY have had a great LONG break. And, it's not over yet...we plan to fully 'summarize' the rest of the month.  We'll start back on August 25th.
Swimming every chance we get! 

Today is my parents wedding anniversary... so, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, MOM AND DAD!!! And thank you for the beautiful example you are to all of us of what true Holy Matrimony means.

We've been back from our vacation for just over a week and I'm still recovering. Why? Well, because the reason we came back when we did is because duty called at work.  We knew there were important meetings and employees from out of the country visiting this week, so we needed to get back to prepare and be present.  Which brings me to our week since we've been back...our first day back was slow and calm. Day 2 I spent the whole day at our parish getting First Aid/CPR/AED certified which is a new requirement for our AHG troop.  I learned a TON and had a great time, but it was a whole day away from home where unpacking was still not complete.  Sunday was enjoyable. We slept in, went to Starbucks, hung around the house and then went to evening mass and dinner.  Monday hit hard with the start of a camp for my very own DRAMA QUEEN.  I forgot camp started on Monday so she was an hour late- DRAMA! She enjoyed Drama camp very much though and soon forgave me for my mess up.  Tuesday was our Legatus evening. It was a much needed and peaceful night 'just us'. Wednesday we were going all day and also preparing for a house full of TPG guests.  What a party we had!! I think 7 bottles of wine were finished. Great food was eaten! The American's got killed in a spontaneous game of basketball with the Romanians and I probably took 5 bags of recyclable bottles, etc, out to the can the next morning.  Now, it's Friday and the day has been spent with friends, at the pool, eating pizza and enjoying being kids.  And DH called to let me know he invited one of our great friends, an employee from Romania whom we visited when we were there in April, over for dinner.  So, I ran out and got 'the best' for our guest. We had waffles and eggs and fruit planned for our night with the kiddos, but spontaneity is so FUN...and we treat our guests THE BEST!  Waffles in the AM anyone!?
Whew, that last paragraph wore me out!!!
We're looking for a 'nanny type' person to help us out this fall.  With two kids in travel sports and not wanting to give up ALL our family dinner time...a helper will SAVE THE DAY!!! If you're reading this and know of anyone that wants 10-15 hours of work each week...pass along my info.? Thanks! We're praying for just the right person! God will provide if it's meant to be.

In preparation for the upcoming start to our school year I've been tackling a little bit of planning each day. I LOVE this part of gearing up for school. I'm a planner. I love pulling my stuff out and coming up with the 'hows' and the 'works for us' methods of schooling this gang. I'll have 4 officially schooling this year. Done that before, but I haven't taught one to read in years.  #5 will be learning how to read and much more this year as he's officially entering Kindergarten. I can't believe it! He's old enough for this!? Yep, he's been asking me to teach him to read for a couple months now.

  Camps. We've done 'em. We're doing 'em. I love having my kids attend camps. If they express interest, at the beginning of the summer I let them choose one that they'd like to and we try to make it happen.  Each child (who's old enough) is responsible for paying for certain parts of their extra activities with their own money which they earn through doing allowance chores (what we call them).  Being part of a team or a camp or having a 'new bat' or whatever...its very much something that 'they own' and are proud of because they've worked for it. I love our system. I hope they're really learning lessons for life through it.
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