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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tackle your problem areas!

  Today, I've made it a goal to tackle a problem spot in the house.  And randomly throughout the summer I'm going to do a 'tackling' project.

  Life happens, right!? And places in the house have a 'way' of accumulating stuff. THATS not the problem.  I believe we forget about 'that area or that pile' for too long and it then becomes the unorganized drawer 'monster' or the cabinet 'from he--'. Then, one day, we remember it again...

  If we never stop to tackle these areas then the results are numerous.  For example, you or someone in your household can't find something you're looking for, or worse you replace something you've 'lost' only to find it again in that trouble spot.

  Where's your pile? Which cabinet do you want to reorganize?

  I challenge you to pick one area and tackle it this week or next. Schedule it into your week and get it done!

  Stay tuned for tomorrow's post on exactly how I 'tackled' this cabinet. Step by step.


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