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Friday, June 27, 2014

{pretty, happy, funny, real} 2nd Edition


Roses from our garden! They have a way of making me smile!


Even though my son looks unhappy...well, he actually is because I just said 'no' to him wanting makes me happy that he and his little sister have a way of consoling each other. 

Yes, my son took is underwear off from under his shorts WHILE he could get going on the slip 'n slide.  He says he did it 'privately'. Ha! Boys! Love 'em and their crazy ways!


DH and I got to take the water taxi from Old Town Alexandria across the Potomac to the Gaylord Hotel National Harbor for brunch this past Sunday.  The 'real' part of this picture is that it was a gift to us from his parents from TWO Christmases ago! Sadly it took us THIS long to get a date on the calendar.  We had a lovely time though and it was the perfect cool June morning to go! Thanks, Mom and Dad!

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