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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mission Accomplished!

  I've tackled the cabinet that was bugging me and it was a cinch! Really! There were only 3 steps! But I know not everyone is enjoys organizing like I do and not everyone knows how to organize something.  That's why I'm writing this post while tackling my project. Not for my own memory, but because I had a friend ask me to give her some tips. ; )

  Step 1: Clear EVERYTHING out of the space.
Nice and clean!

Can you believe I had this much stuff in there!? Blah!!!

Step 2: Wipe down shelves and make labels (if you so desire). 
You can't really see my labels, but I just looked at what I had and what I wanted back in the cabinet, sorted them and then made a label for that pile. 
  Step 3: Put everything in again, neatly and in the right spot. 

   And we're DONE!

  You'll likely notice there is less stuff crammed into this cabinet.  Part of the process is weeding out what you don't want/need in the space anymore.  I do this while I'm sorting the pile as a whole.  I had a bunch of homeschooling books in there that I want to get rid of/sell and I also had a stack of picture that go with my scrapbooking supplies in the basement. Things like that have to be sorted out to allow for better organization in your project area.

  I hope you've enjoyed this simple way of tackling a troublesome area in your home.

  It REALLY is THIS simple!

  Now, go pick the place you want to clean up and get it DONE!!!


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