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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June 17- Celebrating 14 years!

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life!!! 

  A marriage is measured 
by more than just years-
it's measured by living,
by laughter, and tears...
by good times, contentment, 
and dreams that come true...
and also by hard times 
that love brings you through. 

  A marriage is great 
than simply the sum
of all you've accomplished
and how far you've come...
it's people whose lives
you have touched in some way
and values you've stood for
and lived day by day.

  A marriage is measured by 
lessons you've learned, 
examples you've set, 
and respect you have earned. 
It's forged in the balance 
the two of you find
in partnership, friendship, 
and love all combined. 

This poem came in the Anniversary card my parents sent us. Thanks for these reminders, Mom and Dad! We look up to your wisdom and example of a beautiful holy marriage that has gone beyond 'the norm' and lived through life's up and down.

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