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Friday, June 13, 2014

7 Quick Takes: TV edition

  The theme I chose for today's QTF post is...drum roll please...7 TV shows I enjoy watching when I need to veg or we're just 'hanging' as a family.  I can hear the groans already! "TV is so terrible these days!" Well, listen up, I agree with you for the most part, but there are some shows that are entertaining in a positive way- you just have to FIND THEM.  Sometimes after a long tiring day I need to just do something 'mindless' for a bit.  And we need to face's often not the shows that are the 'issue''s the ads you have to be careful about. We usually have 2 shows we're flipping back and forth between...when we watch TV. We have a rule in our house about how much/when the TV can come on.
  Here goes...oh, and these are in no particular order.

DH and I enjoy watching this series together.  Its full of suspense and excitement!

Treehouse Masters
It is truly amazing to watch these team of builders make these beautiful and creative tree houses.

Cupcake Wars
The girls and I pretty much like watching any cooking show together, but the competition shows are especially fun! 

Just a fun show about whether the homeowners will stay in their current home after renovations are done or move to a new home that suits their needs better. The 'hosts' of the show are super sarcastic though, so 'watch out'!

Awesome series that 'pops up' every once in a while! Wish it aired more often.  We really get into this is a family and have had super fun watching it together and cheering on our favorite singers.  All the singing and accompaniment is done without instruments. It's amazing the talent that comes through this show. 

If you've never watched this show-you should. The CEO of a company goes undercover to one of his worksites and learns a lot while doing the work his company does.  It's a touching show because in the end he/she usually ends up helping out the employees that 'trained' him in some special way.

This show is crazy! The ideas some people dream up amaze me in both a good and bad way. You'll learn a lot about how investing works and how the business world 'sees things' by watching this show. 
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