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Friday, June 20, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday

  This Friday's theme is: some of the adventures we're planning on having while on vacation in Colorado!  You see going to CO is something we've done quite a few times as a family through the years.  We have a good idea what there is to do, what we like to do, etc.  So, it's pretty simple to come up with a list of the things the kids have in mind as well as know what our limits are in some activities and also what DH and I want to do because after all this is our vacation too. ; ) If you've never ever been to CO you should try to go.  It's such a wonderful state to visit. So many things to see and do there.  I find it especially wonderful in the summer because the heat is dry and the mountain areas are cool at night which makes it a good 'get away' from just about anywhere else's summer heat.  Who doesn't love to take in fresh mountain air! Ahhh.

The amazing flower and plants that greeted us at the entrance of the neighborhood.  (last years trip)

White Water Rafting.
  DH and the two bigs went last year and had a blast. This year we're all going!! The place has a perfect record for over 20 injuries! It's an easy trip down the river and my husband has encourage us all to go together, so bring it! I can't wait. I think the kids will love it!

Bike Riding.
  We'll choose a simple ride that we can all do together. The youngest will ride in a bike trailer.
Water break! Looking good team D!!

Mountain/nature hike.
  There are so many beautiful places to do this.  The possibilities are endless.
One of last years stopping points during a nature walk. 

Read...take in deep breaths.
  I have several books I'm reading this summer. I'll bring them along and sit outside each morning, take in deep breaths of the fresh mountain air in the peace.
One of the books I'm going to bring. Loving it!

  Ain't gonna stop now! I've been on a roll since January. A lot of my exercise will come happen as we are on these family adventures.

  #5 is DYING to fish.  DH HATES fishing.  I don't mind it.  I think we'll get a guide to show us some tips though and help us out a bit. It'll be a better experience all around if we do that. ; ) Looking forward to making #5's 'dreams come true'.  It's important to listen to each kid and try to help them experience what they dream about (within reason according to age).
He was happy as can be with the 'fishing' he and I and his little sis did last summer, but this year I hope he catches something! 

Rockies Game.
  One of our gifts to DH for his birthday was tickets to a game.  The games at Coors Field are super nice mainly because the weather is good more often than not.  We're a baseball loving family! Can't wait to get to a game!

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