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Wednesday, May 21, 2014


  We were saddened this week when my mom called on Monday to say they had to cancel their trip to visit us.  Dad has hurt his shoulder and can't even sleep at night. Mom thought the pain might just naturally decrease with time, but things weren't getting any better. Dad was miserable and flying him up to VA wasn't a good idea.

  We were all looking forward to their visit. We enjoy spending time with them, going fun places, eating great meals together, etc. BUT most important to us at this time is getting Grandpa better.

  We miss you Gma and Gpa, but we're glad you made the decision you get Gpa better! We understand that sometimes in life you have to change plans. Life is unpredictable.  Learning to be flexible is an important lesson to learn...and learning it while young is a great start!

  We'll see you in July!


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